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Thirty-five years in the making Bobby T and the Notorious‘ first CD Too Tough to Die! features their favorite songs, some special guests and chronicles Bobby’s seven year battle with cancer. It proves once and for all that anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it.

Vintage equipment was used whenever available to recreate that special sound of the 50’s and 60’s. Vocal recording techniques were duplicated and amp noise was left in. The legendary Szymczyk brothers were brought in to handle production duties. These 3 men with well over 100 years of musical experience combined were perfect for the task. All final decisions were made by them. "Well, Almost."

The Band
Bobby T.: Lead Vocals
Zydeco Ray: Guitar. Mandolin, Accordion, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Niles Terrat: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mike Esposito: Guitar, National Lap Steel Guitar
Mike Everhart: Guitar
Jerry Friedman: Guitar
Chucho Perales: Bajo
Warren Jacques: Drums
Denny Tilton: Vocals
Brian Greene: Vocals
Dave Greene: Piano, Vocals
Angelo Rubano: Vocals
Carmen Romano: Vocals
Cancer Research
Donations can be made in Bobby’s name and sent to:
Daniel P. Petrylak M.D. Research Fund
Columbia President
Medical Center
Atchley 919
161 Fort washington Ave.
N.Y., N.Y 10032-3789
Email Bobby T
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Time Won’t Let Me (2:58) Kelly/King: BMI

Bobby and the band started playing this Outsiders song in 1966 and it quickly became their theme song. this was recorded live on September 4, 2000 at Green Beans Cafe, Sparta, NJ. (

Image of a Girl (2:44)
Clasky/Rosenberg: BMI
One of the rare occasions where back-up vocals were omitted from a doo-wop hit while still producing a fabulous recording. Zydeco Ray added his wonderful accordion lending an incredible richness to this Safaris’ hit.

This Magic Moment (2:45) Pomus/Shurman: BMI

Originally made famous by the Drifters, this song became a major hiy when Jay & The Americans recorded it years later. Bobby brought in his good friend from San Antonio, Chucho Perlaes (one of the founders of Mando & the Chilli Peppers; 1957 On the road with rock & roll – Golden Crest Records; now Ace re-release) to play bajo. Chucho and his big Mexican guitar add a real Spanish flavor to the recording. Thank you Chucho for all you have contributed to Rock & Roll.

Please Believe Me (2:28) V. Picone: BMI
The Elegants‘ hit after Little Star produced regional success. Growing up in Staten Island, Bobby was a long time fan of the Elegants and good friend of one of their founders, Carmen Romano. Bobby asked his friend to recreate his original part and Carmen quickly accepted.

Since I fell for You (4:47) B. Johnson: ASCAP
This Lenny Welch hit is one of Bobby’s favorites to sing. On this cut, Bobby brings in paisano Jerry Friedman, the great guitarist (whose credits are too numerous to list) to add his inimitable riffs to the song. A New Orleans jazz waltz played on a Heritage guitar through the entire song by Zydeco Ray takes us back to the roots of this time.

Sleepwalk (4:01) Santo & Johnny Farina: BMI

This Santo & Johnny instrumental is given new life with the playing of Mike Esposito’s national lap steel guitar. This song was done live in a studio and as Mike says, every time he begins to play this hit, "this is the first song I ever danced to with a girl." How many of you had the same experience?

Cara Mia (2:28) Trapani/Lang: BMI
made famous by Jay Black, this song has not been covered very often – for obvious reasons. Bobby T. took the challenge and shows off his operatic schooling. In fact, he blew up 3 microphones during this recording session. The Szymczyk brothers decided to leave some of these tracks on the final mix to lend authenticity to this recording.

Believe Me (3:01) Austin/Villa/Conte:ASCAP
This Royal Teens sleeper hit was the first song on which Bobby T. and the Notorious cut their teeth. This is a very special song that brings back great memories for them. The actual truth is the sisters of the piano player from the Royal Teens were at one time girlfriends of Bobby T.’s band. Dave Greene was brought in to put down that signature piano lick. Chucho again adds a great bajo part on an unprecedented Doo-Wop rhythm track.

Till Then (2:13) Wood/Seicer/Marcus: ASCAP
This World War II hit by the Mills Brothers covers a lot of territory. A very special song for Bobby and the boys, it has been performed by them almost from inception of the band. This songs conveys the inner strength and courage to everyone who hears it. Listen for Jerry Friedman’s guitar licks which reinforce that sentiment.

Candle, Prayer, and Rosary (3:08) Zydeco Ray Van Rant: BMI

This song, originally destined to be released on Bobby’s brother’s solo CD, is a treasure to behold. Written at the time of their mother and father’s passing in ’92, this song is dedicated to everyone who has lost a parent and has suffered anguish and sorrow of visiting them while they are at rest. All instrumentation was done by Zydeco Ray. More than just a few tears were shed as Bobby recorded the vocal.







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